No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert

No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert


  1. Filling:
  2. 2 (3.5 oz.) boxes vanilla instant pudding
  3. 3 c. milk
  4. 1 (12 oz.) container Cool Whip
  5. Graham crackers
  6. Topping:
  7. 1/3 c. cocoa
  8. 1 c. sugar
  9. 1/4 c. milk
  10. 1 stick (1/2 c.) butter (or margarine)
  11. 1 tsp. vanilla?

For this dessert, you start with graham crackers, vanilla pudding, and Cool Whip.

Mix the pudding and Cool Whip together , then layer this fluffy pudding mixture with the graham crackers.

You just lay the whole graham cracker sheets in the pan and spread them with the pudding

Once you’re done your graham cracker and pudding layers, boil together some sugar with cocoa and milk, and then add some butter and vanilla. 

Pour all that over the top graham cracker layer.  Refrigerate the dessert over night, and then dig in!


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